Please join us Wednesday 12 December 2018 at quarter to three at Compagnietheater in Amsterdam for the first ever HuC LIVE! of the KNAW Humanities Cluster. Register here.

The main theme of the event will be Bridging the Gulf which we explore through a claim by Clifford Geertz: ‘I think the perception of there being a deep gulf between science and the humanities is false.’ We will try to explain why we are building that bridge and why it could be important to you.

We are happy to welcome prof. dr. Antal van den Bosch, director of the Meertens Institute and Professor of Language and Speech Technology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen as the keynote speaker. He will reflect on Geertz’ statement from his own experiences working in both computer science and the humanities..



Introduction 10 minutes

Keynote 30 minutes

About Research 15 minutes

About Products 20 minutes

Interactive session 20 minutes

Afterward, there will be a reception.

Attendance is free. Please register here. We have a limited amount of seats, so early registration is recommended.

We look forward to seeing you at HuC LIVE!. We will keep you posted at Twitter @KNAWHuC and online at


Wednesday 12 December 2018

14.45 hours – Walk in

15.15 hours – 17.00 hours Keynote + presentations

17.00 hours – 18.00 hours Reception

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