Facilities & Support

The Facilities & Support department (F&S) is responsible for a safe working environment for all employees and guests of the KNAW Humanities Cluster and NIAS. In addition, we provide adequate and proactive support of employees and management. We take care of the production, collection, distribution and management of internal information necessary for the well-functioning of the institutes and accountability purposes. Finally F&S has an advisory role concerning the topics safety, health, welfare, and sustainability.

The department has three subdivisions and they can be reached as follows:

Secretary: secretariaat@bb.huc.knaw.nl

Reception: receptie@bb.huc.knaw.nl

Facility services: facilitair@bb.huc.knaw.nl


  • Anita van der Aar
  • Rudy van der Aar
  • Berthon Alberto
  • Marga Beesemer
  • Hans Benjamins
  • Ilma Blok
  • Famke van der Duin
  • Thijs Eigenraam
  • Maarten Fer
  • Pieter Huits
  • Willy Jongenburger (head of Facilities & Support)
  • Susanne de Jongh
  • Ruby Khan
  • Melle Koletzki
  • Nelson Martins Henrique Dias Perdigao
  • Ina Marwa
  • Elsbeth Offerhaus
  • Nida Oudejans
  • Inge van Ruiten
  • Jacqueline Rutte
  • Astrid van Son
  • Malou Velzeboer
  • Alfred van Weperen
  • Sandra Zwetsloot