Grant Team

Humanities and social science research is dependent more than ever on external funding. Today, nearly all funding schemes require applicants to submit detailed plans on budgets, staffing, digital infrastructure, preservation, intellectual property, communication, impact, and project management. The HuC has created an inter-departmental Grant Team consisting of staff with the necessary skills and experience to provide its researchers with expertise in all of these fields. Their work is complemented by an online resource on the HuC intranet with detailed information on everything required to apply for a grant.

Researchers who work with the Grant Team can expect tailored, hands-on support during the entire application process as well as post-submission assistance in preparing written rebuttals and personal coaching to prepare for interviews by selection panels.

Grant Team

  • Sjoerd van der Linde (Head of Grant Team)
  • Eline Helmer (Team Secretary & Grant Advisor)
  • Arno Bosse (Digital Infrastructure)
  • Sebastiaan Derks (Data Management)
  • Thijs van der Veen (Communications)
  • Brenda de Kort-Orsel (Human Resources)
  • Rosa van Tijn (Finance and Control)
  • Tjerck Zittema (Finance and Control)

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