The Digital Humanities Lab (DHLab) is an inter-institutional research group connecting digital humanities research across the three institutes of the KNAW Humanities Cluster. The lab is focused on advancing humanities research through digital methods for which they bring together expertise from humanities, computational linguistics, social science and semantic web. Since its inception, DHLab has worked on automatically extracting information from text archives, improving historical image classification, and mapping online debates using language and Semantic web technology, and network analysis.


Cultural AI, Language Technology, Semantic Web
Twitter: @merpeltje

  • Ryan Brate

Cultural AI, Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing

  • Valentin Vogelmann

Cultural AI, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web

  • Elli Bleeker

Literary Text Modeling, Digital Scholarly Editing, Automated Collation, Textual Scholarship, Markup, Ontologies for Text and Semantic Markup

  • Folgert Karsdorp

Cultural Evolution, Folklore, Complexity Theory, Bayesian Statistics, Computational Humanities Research

  • Joris van Zundert

Text and Meaning Modeling, Narrative Modeling, Automatic Inference, Stylometrics

  • Marijn Koolen

Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, Digital History, Digital Literary Studies, Methodology, Data Science

  • Ronald Haentjes Dekker

Textual Variation, Witness Collation, Document Modelling, Formal Languages such as Markup Languages, Knowledge Representation, Markup Semantics, Ontologies, Machine Learning

  • Andrea Peverelli

Computational Literary Studies, Stylometry, NLP for Classical Languages

  • Rik Hoekstra

Digital Historian

  • Ali Hürriyetoğlu

Language Technology, Odeuropa

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