Humanities data is often complex and hard to interpret. Our team focuses on making this data accessible and understandable. The output of the KNAW Humanties Cluster must be accessible to many people, not just to researchers. We create tools that places data in the right context so that they are better understood and easy to use. And we strive to make our interfaces inclusive, device-agnostic and long-lasting so that these can be accessible long into the future. The team specialises in user research, web usability, interface design, web publication, data visualisation and project branding.



  • Golden Agents will connect scattered heterogeneous sources (new and existing) about creative industries in the Golden Age via linked open data.
  • Dutch Prize Papers makes 144.000 digitised pages from highly varied documents accessible to researchers and interested parties in a structured research environment.
  • Timbuctoo is specifically designed for academic research in the Arts and Humanities, which often yields complex and heterogeneous data.
  • Rooswijk is a virtual exhibition about the VOC ship of the same name that perished in 1740 off the English coast.

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