We build tools to extract geographical shapes, such as national borders, and entities from data, to compare historical maps more easily and analyse the new data in different ways. Thanks to the availability of new data sets and the development of new technologies, the possibilities for comparing data in time and space are endless. Within the Humanities and Social Sciences, there is a great demand for a reliable infrastructure to map and visualise data geographically.



The HisGIS project links historical information to digitised maps. His stands for historical and GIS for Geographical Information System. With HisGIS you can time travel through the past of the Netherlands. HisGIS is set up by region and by city. Most provinces and a number of large cities have already been mapped. In time, the system must cover the whole of the Netherlands. Because all files are freely available for research, the various Time Machines in the Netherlands also build on HisGIS. The maps and Time Machines are also accessible for general use via a public viewer on HisGIS makes new infrastructure available within CLARIAH Plus and Time Machine.

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