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We process large volumes of digital photographs and page images and generate new data from them to address tasks such as text recognition, handwriting transcription, author identification, dating, localization, and the analysis of paper and manuscripts. Our Team Lead is Rutger van Koert.


Sample Projects

  • REPUBLIC will provide access to the resolutions of the States General (1576-1796): more than half a million pages with handwritten and printed political information.
  • Digital Forensics explores new ways to use digital image analysis to analyse historical script samples.
  • Dutch Prize Papers makes 144.000 digitised pages from highly varied documents accessible to researchers and interested parties in a structured research environment.
  • TRIADO develops an efficient and effective methodology for converting large amounts of unstructured, analogue data from archive collections into usable digital research data.

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Rutger van Koert, Hannah Busch and Mariken Teeuwen, Cutting up medieval manuscripts (digitally) to trace their origins

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