Planning and Consultancy

In the KNAW Humanities Cluster, a large number of research projects, many of them complex and extensive in scope, rely on digital technology. In the coming years, this trend is only likely to grow as more researchers and collection specialists become interested in the possibilities afforded by digital applications. To be successful, these kinds of innovative projects, which often involve external partners and international consortia, require expert advice during their preparation and implementation.

In the DI department, the members of the Planning and Consultancy team fulfill these tasks for researchers involved in digital projects:

  • capacity planning in coordination with financial planning;
  • consultancy, quality management, and information analysis;
  • support in preparing, setting up and managing projects;
  • serving as a point of contact between the DI department and its partners

In every case, trustworthy advice and experienced mediation serve as the basis for our work.

Jeffrey Blokzijl – Junior Strategic Advisor
Arno Bosse – Funding and Partnerships Manager (publications)
Daan Broeder – Consultant/Project Manager (publications)
Guido Gerritsen – Operations Manager (publications)