Digital Humanities Lab – About

The mission of the Digital Humanities Lab is to advance the humanities through digital methods. DHLab is connecting different research departments at HuC and beyond through identifying shared research topics and fostering these connections through the application and development of digital research methods.

Research topics:

Entities and Events: Persons and organisations, and what they did or what happened to them and where, are core research objects in the humanities. To investigate these, we need to be able to detect their mentions from text and model their representation such that we capture their complexity whilst keeping the extracted information about them manageable. The DHLab research in this theme will investigate how we can extract semantically rich elements from text along with their relationships and create rich and accessible data structures that facilitate digital hermeneutics research.

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Connections: The Connections theme is centred around the relationships and linkages within and across datasets and it is driven by the quest to understand processes, change, content and contexts of entities within and across communities. Some of the research areas, already active within HuC, pertaining to this theme are: communities, citation networks, correspondence networks, business networks, and network analysis of social media data.

Change: Many fields of humanities research deal with processes of change. Change finds its expression in, for instance, historical events, language use, networks, and developments in visual style. More specifically, one can think of changes in the types of events occurring over time, increasing variation in language use, or the formation of communities in networks. The DHLab is implementing and developing methods for detecting, tracing, and contextualising change in a variety of datasets relevant to humanities researchers.

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