Digital Humanities Lab – People

Marieke van Erp
Team leader

Marieke van Erp uses language technology to make big data more accessible for humanities research. In her research, she has made various datasets more insightful, enabling semi-automatic storytelling from data as well as discoveries of needles in data haystacks, such as shady actors involved in the financial crisis and half-eaten animal specimens.

Adina Nerghes

Adina Nerghes is a communication scientist who makes use of digital methods to expose sentiments, opinions, and change in large text collections. In her work, making use of various datasets, Adina has analysed transformations in metaphor use during the financial crisis, levels of agreement in the European Parliament, opinions associated with the spread of the Zika-virus, and public sentiment on the refugee crisis.

Melvin Wevers

Mevin Wevers has a background in psychology, American Studies, and Cultural Analysis. My research interests include the study of cultural-historical phenomena using computational means with a specific interest in the formation and evolution of ideas and concepts in public discourse. Oh, and I really like to study advertisements and consumer products.