Grant Team

The Grant Team is there to make the external financing application process more efficient, transparent and professional. Whoever collaborates with the Grant Team makes use of all knowledge and skills of the team and has a better chance of a successful application. External financing offers researchers the opportunity to realise their research agenda. A successful application strengthens the position of the researcher’s network. The Grant Team consists of:

  • Daphne Lentjes (Coordinator, Grant advisor)
  • Maren Pannemann (Grant advisor)
  • Marjoleine Cornelissen (Human Resources)
  • Willy Jongenburger (Facilities and Support)
  • Maarten Pompe (Finance)
  • Sebastiaan Derks (Data Management)
  • Arno Bosse (Digital Infrastructure)
  • Renske Smorenburg (Communications)
  • Patricia Alkhoven (National Research Agenda, Creative Industry)
  • Niels van den Kieboom (Legal)
  • Inge van Ruiten (Administrative Support)


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