The KNAW Humanities Cluster (HuC) plays a pioneering role in large-scale national digital research infrastructure projects to provide the best conditions for modern humanities research. This is possible thanks to the unique situation at the HuC where the largest department of Digital Infrastructure in Europe is able to work closely together with researchers and data managers.

Together with our partners, we are building innovative and durable digital infrastructure for data science, which is applied by researchers at virtually all Dutch universities and internationally.

Our software product owners are:


Team Lead: Rutger van Koert.We process large volumes of digital photographs and page images and generate new data from them to address tasks such as text recognition, handwriting transcription, author identification, dating, localization, and the analysis of paper and manuscripts.


Team Lead: Bas Doppen.

Good design makes data more accessible. Our interfaces place data in the right context and make these easier to understand and navigate.

Concern Infrastructure

Team Lead: Mario Mieldijk.
We are responsible for the core infrastructure used throughout the department. Our core tasks are: i) management of computing resources; ii) long-term maintenance and development of our production platforms; (iii) running software no longer under development.


Team Lead: Hennie Brugman.
Our team supports textual research on four levels: i) close reading and manual annotation; ii) advanced search of annotated text collections; iii) statistical methods (machine learning, text mining); and iv). deriving structured data from annotated text.

Structured Data

Team Lead: Menzo Windhouwer.
We build software that ingests, curates, stores, queries and displays structured data with the goal of creating a knowledge graph that can answer ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ questions of historical person, place, object, and event entities.
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