Timbuctoo lets you fully exploit your Arts and Humanities data. This product lets you manage and analyse your data, and allows you to connect your data with other datasets. Timbuctoo is specifically designed for academic research in the Arts and Humanities, which often yields complex and heterogeneous data. It lives up to academic standards for working with such content: the infrastructure accommodates different views on a subject and leaves the interpretation of the data to the researcher. Also, Timbuctoo keeps meticulous track of data provenance and does not impose a certain research methodology on its users. Data can be searched and analysed through the web interface, or queried using the API.

Huygens ING uses Timbuctoo to share its data with the world and to host high quality datasets of ongoing research projects in which the institute participates. Anansi, the central infrastructure of CLARIAH, is powered by Timbuctoo as well. The International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam and Oxford University (the Cultures of Knowledge project) have announced to implement Timbuctoo in their digital research infrastructures.

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