There are several groups in the KNAW Humanities Cluster with active research agendas. Next to the Digital Humanities Lab and the Research & Development group of the Department of Infrastructure, the three KNAW institutes focus on History, History of Knowledge, Literature, Global Labour History, Ethnology, and Linguistics.

Digital Humanities Lab

Marieke van Erp (Team Leader)

The DHLab connects research across the three KNAW institutes associated with the HuC. The lab advances research through digital methods with expertise in humanities, computational linguistics, social science and the semantic web.

Infrastructure R&D

Ronald Haentjens Dekker (Head of Department)

The R&D team promotes humanities research with digital research methods. It collaborates and shares knowledge and methodologies with interested scholars, students, and developers through open source pilots, workshops and intensive training.


Antal van den Bosch (Director)

The Netherlands is a diverse society constantly in flux. Questions on culture, identity, authenticity, ethnicity and multicultural society are thus particularly relevant. Our research is interdisciplinary and qualitative, using ethnographic and comparative methods.

Global Labour History

Leo Lucassen (Research Director)

Why has work been valued and compensated in very different ways over the past five centuries? How can people influence these conditions? Our research areas include labour relations, individual life cycles, survival strategies, and collective actions.


Marjolein 't Hart (Head of Department)

Connections with and influences from other countries and cultures are crucially important for society. The History Department investigates how this helped shaping the idiosyncratic elements of ‘the Netherlands’ and its society.

History of Knowledge

Charles van den Heuvel (Head of Department)

History of knowledge establishes the decisive factors for the dynamics of knowledge. It optimises methods of material philology and knowledge culture to analyse these dynamic processes and to contribute to the emerging discipline of the digital history of knowledge.


Antal van den Bosch (Director)

The institute’s linguistic research focuses on research into contemporary variations in Dutch and historical research into past language change in- and outside the political borders of the Netherlands.

Literary Studies

Karina van Dalen-Oskam (Head of Department)

Literature is an enriching element in any society, and also the art in which a society searches for new forms, debates, clashes and develops itself. Our research topics include canon formation, gender, readership, editions, and the writing process.
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