Our Projects

These are just a sample of our projects. You will find more projects with the different research labs and institutes. Links are provided on this page.

Global apple pie investigates the relationship between sugar import and export and recipes as well as opinions on health. More projects of DHLab.

NWO has granted a funding of ca. € 500.000 for the project Art DATIS. This is four-year research project on how twentieth century glass artist Sybren Valkema used historical sources for technical and educational innovation. This project is in collaboration with Utrecht University. More projects of NL-Lab.

NWO VIDI-project Inventing Public Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe investigates how revolutions in communication have an impact on international relations in the 16th and 17th century. More projects of NL-Lab.

The KNAW Onderzoeksfonds granted € 500.000,- to start Tegen de stroom in. This project focuses on the social mobility of Dutch Jews between 1880 and 1940. This project is a collaboration between Huygens ING and IISH. More projects of Huygens ING and IISH.

The NWO awarded a 2.5-million-euro grant to Huygens ING for the REPUBLIC project. REPUBLIC will provide access to digital images of circa half a million pages of handwritten and printed so called Resolutions of the States General of the Dutch Republic. More projects of Huygens ING.

The long-term project Folk tale repertoire and narrative culture covers a multitude of narrative expressions from the performance of medieval stories, to the impact of fake news and hoaxes in contemporary lore on social media. More projects of Meertens Institute.