Corporate Services

The Business Office of the KNAW Humanities Cluster supports the employees and management in their daily work. The Business Office provides reliable information to the organization, ensures that the primary business processes are in order and that there is a well-functioning internal control- and risk management system. It provides decision support.

Facilitating insight and overview, and advising employees and management, with the aim of taking the right decision for the institute and the Cluster. This takes place at operational, tactical and strategic level.

The Business Office consists of staff from the three partnering institutes Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, Meertens Institute, International Institute of Social History and NIAS and NIOD. Some employees remain connected to the IISH location.

The Business Office will develop itself as a department continuously learning and self-improving. Where tasks can easily be taken over from each other and reliable information is a matter of course. The institutes are optimally supported in making decisions with the aid of a high level of knowledge (also of the institute’s activities and the environment in which the institutes operate).

The Business Office has the ambition to optimally support the institutes at an acceptable cost level, whereby the employees can operate within a safe and ethical working environment and sufficient space is provided for self-development possibilities.

The core values
Monitoring continuity is an important task as well, as is providing a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment. The core values of the Business Office are:

The tasks of the Business Office are:


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