Our organisation

The KNAW Humanities Cluster consists of the three founding institutes, two research Labs, a department for Digital Infrastructure and a department of Operational Management.

The Digital Humanities Lab focuses on developing digital methods that advance humanities research through computational linguistics, social science and the semantic web.

NL-Lab is an interdisciplinary team conducting research into past and present Dutch culture and identity.

The department for Digital Infrastructure develops sustainable infrastructures for humanities researchers in collaboration with national and international partners. 

Our department of Operational Management offers professional support and advice to our employees and management in securing research grants, improving communication and maximizing career opportunities.

The KNAW Humanities Cluster (HuC) was founded in 2016 by the Huygens Institute for the History and Culture of the Netherlands, the International Institute for Social History (IISH) and the Meertens Institute. The HuC was established to stimulate collaboration between these three academic institutes of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) with the aim of improving national and international humanities research. In september 2017 we started with the Digital Humanities Lab. In april 2018 all ICT-departments were merged into the Digital Infrastructure department. And september 2019 NL-Lab started as part of the HuC.

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