Working at HuC

Around 500 people work at the KNAW Humanities Cluster. We are a lively, international research community that is supported by high quality services. We offer our employees the opportunity for personal and professional development, through a wide variety of workshops and courses. We strive to be a steppingstone for talent.

Our researchers have the opportunity and are stimulated to pursuit interdisciplinary collaborations with our Research Software Engineers of Digital Infrastructure, data and collection specialists and researchers of Digital Humanities Lab, and NL-Lab.

We support our researchers to write the best proposals possible. To facilitate this we established the Grant Team, a team from our department of Operational Management, specialising in finance, human resources, digital infrastructure, communication, valorisation and project management. The Grant Team also pro-actively advises which grants to apply to. Even, or rather, especially when a proposal is rejected.

We also play a pioneering role in providing sustainable, large-scale national infrastructure projects for digital humanities research. This is possible thanks to the largest department of digital infrastructure in Europe, which works closely together with scholars and data managers from the humanities institutes at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). We are always looking for new colleagues to help us build state of the art infrastructure.