The communications advisors and communications officers work for the individual institutes. We make research conducted at the KNAW Humanities Cluster and at its three institutes, known to a broader audience. We reach out to the press, use social media, newsletters, websites, help publish books and we host events.


Babette Claassen, communications officer KNAW Humanities Cluster

Sebastiaan Fluitsma, communications advisor KNAW Humanities Cluster

Rose Spijkerman, communications officer IISG,

Thijs van der Veen, communications advisor Huygens Institute and Digital Infrastructure, 020-2246818

Emma Verbree, communications officer KNAW Humanities Cluster

Simone Wolff, communications advisor Meertens Institute, DHLab and NL-Lab, 020-4628539


Please email us if you want to talk to any of our researchers or specialists.